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Italy Classics handles your personal information in accordance with United Kingdom law. The information will be entered in the Italy Classic database as a result of the acquisition of the consent of the interested person, except the cases stated in the United Kingdom. In accordance with the above-mentioned law, the treatment of the personal data shall be based on the rule of correctness, legality, and transparency and on the protection of customer discretion and rights. The holder of the treatment is Italy Classics. The marketing department of Italy Classics is responsible for the treatment, also according to the provisions to United Kingdom law. The list of the administrators involved is available at the social headquarters of Italy Classics. In order to consult that list, it is required to refer to the administrators above mentioned.


Personal data is collected with the purpose of contractual, administrative-accounting, commercial, statistical and for the increase of normal trade contacts. Their treatment takes place in a manual and computerized way. The acquired data could be transmitted to the forwarding agent, responsible for the fulfillment of the purposes above mentioned, as well as for marketing, advertising, promotional campaigns and for market research. At Italy Classics, the personal data could be transmitted to the staff of the Marketing and Administration Departments.


According to the provisions the above-mentioned law, the subjects to which the personal data refers to can obtain in anytime:
-Confirmation of the existence or less of the data;
-An acquaintance of the content and the origin;
-Verification of rightness;
-Integration or updating;

According to the same article, the subjects have the right to:
-Demand the cancellation of the data;
-Demand the transformation in an anonymous way;
-Demand the block of the data treated in violation of law;
-Oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment

For exercising their rights, it is necessary to contact Italy Classics to the following e-mail address: help@italyclassics.com

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