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How to checkout

The detailed guides to get the checkout process in {{config path="web/unsecure/base_url"}}





Add products to shopping cart

Simply visit the store's homepage and select your favourite items. Choose the required specification of each product (such as the quality or colour) and then add it to the shopping cart for the checkout process.




In the shopping cart you can edit or update other items.



Perform checkout process

The six required steps for the checkout-prozess are combined into a single one called One Step Checkout or One Page Checkout. Please see the following process:


Fill out billing address

Guest customers have to enter their billing address manually. If you are a registered customer and logged into your account, your billing information will be filled in automatically. 



Fill out shipping address

Guests have to enter the shipping address manually while logged in customers' adresses will be filled in automatically.


Choose shipping method

Select the relevant shipping method from the pregiven list.



Choose payment method

Customers can choose the preferred payment method in this step. Depending on the choice there will be additional requests regarding the transaction. 




Review order

During the checkout process customers are given the chance to review their order and payment. If any changes are made during this step the section will be auto-updated instantly.



Place order

Before an order is placed, the terms and conditions might be read or not depending on admin’s configuration.


Receive confirmation 

After having placed the order a success page is displayed to the customer. The customer will also receive a confirmation email containing all the details of the order. This email will also include a direct link to the order information to registered customers. 









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