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Table E. Saarinen Tulip Oval Table Laminate Black

Tulip Oval Table Laminate Black

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100% Made in Italy. Pedestal in black lacquered cast aluminium. Top in bevel-edged available and in laminate plastic black.

The “Pedestal Series” – the famous group of chairs and tables with a single leg made by Saarinen beginning in 1956 – met two needs: on one hand, they eliminated the “chaos” of chair and table legs inside the living space, bringing formal order. On the other hand, they gave the product a formal and constructive unity, honoring the principles of “organic design”: one form, one piece, one material (plastic). Saarinen was forced to give up this last principle: plastic could not hold great weights; therefore it was necessary to make the pedestal from an aluminium cast. However, he worked in prospect of a time in which production techniques would make his original idea possible. To give the forniture that fundamental constructive unity: “one piece, one material”.

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